Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flowers From a Boy~

I have gotten flowers on three separate occasions this week. And with those flowers came a kiss.

My sweet, loving 4-year-old boy has been picking dandelions for me every morning. There really is nothing better. The look on his face when he says "Momma, I have something for you," then hands me the smashed dandelions. My little guy, who is turning into a big guy more and more each day. He makes me crave another child, but I know that's not going to happen. My family is complete. Sometimes it's just hard watching them grow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometime Around Midnight

Up close and personal w/ Mikel from TATE

Last week I decided to pull myself off of the couch and go downtown with the girls to see a show at HOB. The Airborne Toxic Event (TATE) was headlining. I wasn't too familiar with the band. I only knew the song that is overplayed on 92.3, "Sometime Around Midnight."
Arrived at HOB and all I can say is WOW. Airborne was amazing. Their music is so raw, so honest. I couldn't get enough of it.
After the show we went for Margarita's at Zocalo. While we were sitting on the patio getting sloppy, we see Mikel and Steven from the band, walking down fourth street. We invited them over to join us for drinks. Learned from Mikel that "Sometime Around Midnight" is about a girl from Cleveland who broke Mikel's heart. Cleveland rocks, yo!
Next, we ventured over to Flannery's and met up with the rest of the band. Beers, beers and more beers. I think there were some shots thrown in there also. Kind of a blur, but here are a few pictures from the night.
Love the drummer's crazy mustache. He was a trip. If you aren't familiar with TATE, I highly recommend getting some of their music.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love, Hate Facebook~

Oh Facebook. I love you. I hate you.
Yeah, it's cool to reconnect with old friends and family. And I LOVE looking at pictures and spying on other peoples lives. I've been known to play a game or two of Lexulous and I tend daily to my little green patch.
But here's what I don't like...
I already ruined a couple of surprise parties. I've unknowingly caused a few fights. I see people out who I wouldn't normally talk to but now I feel like I have to b/c we are FB friends. I spend time on it when I should be doing other stuff. You see where I'm going.
But I have a very addictive personality and I've become addicted to Facebook. I even Twitter. Hell, I LOVE Twitter more than anything right now.
But I often wonder if my life would be different without all this social media stuff. Would I be in better shape b/c I would work out more? Would my house be cleaner? Would my kids be smarter? Would my dog be trained?
I'm not stopping any time soon, that would cause too much shock to my system. But I may slow down, just a tad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing Green Smash & Peach~

Monday night we took the kids to the pet store so they could each pick a fish. I figure it's an easy enough pet to take care of. The biggest obstacle will be keeping the dog from eating the fish. I think I can do that.
Today Grace and Denny woke Bob and I up at 6am saying "the fish are hungry, the fish are hungry." Beta's only eat every 3 days, and we fed them last night. I had to hide the food otherwise these fish won't make it past the weekend.
Denny named his fish Green Smash. The fish is not green, but it's Denny's favorite color and Smash Brothers in his favorite wii game, so he put it together and came up with Green Smash.

Grace named her fish Sleeping Beauty, then switched to Flower then to Magical. She finally settled on Peach.

I give it three more days until the novelty of it all wears off, but until then I will enjoy the sweet excitement that these little fish have brought to us.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A Blog About My Brother~

Me & my bro, June 1981
Me and my brother have always been pretty tight. Even though he is 7.5 years older (haha), I'm mature and he's not, so it's always been like we were closer in age.
When I was away at college, my Dad used to pay my brother money to come and stay with me for a weekend. You know, to "keep an eye on me". Who the hell was supposed to keep an eye on my brother, I have no idea. But seriously, my Dad would give my brother cold, hard cash to spend a weekend at Ohio State with me and my five hot roomies. Sucks to be him I know.
When we were growing up, my bro was so overprotective of me. Sometimes it worked in my favor and sometimes it didn't. If a guy wanted to date me, he'd have to go through my brother first. If a guy ever broke my heart, my brother would break their bones.
Now don't get me wrong, my relationship with my brother hasn't always been full of sunshine and flowers. We've had fights like all siblings do. And he's beat the crap out of me a few times while growing up. But it's all good because he helped me become the tough chick that I am today.
Anyway, the point of this post is that his old ass turned 40 over the weekend. It's hard to believe he's "officially" over the hill. The good news is that he doesn't look a day over 38 and doesn't act a day over 25, so truly age is just a number. Happy birthday brother :)

Me and my bro, June 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why I'm Not a Morning Person~

When I became pregnant with Grace,  I told Bob all I need is a big ass bed.  So we bought a King size, pillow top, comfy bed. 
When we fall asleep at night, we enjoy the silence and the space. It's nice but like anything else, it doesn't last for long.
Around 1 or 2a.m.,  I feel the first jab to my ribs.  Usually I move a bit and fall right back to sleep. Another hour passes and I feel something tugging at my feet as the covers slowly and deliberately leave my body.  
I look and see that Bob is on the floor while each child lays comfortably in the middle of the bed.  I am hanging on by one leg until the dog climbs up and I join Bob on the floor.  They all snore loudly and proudly, while the King and Queen of the home get little rest. 
This my friends, is why I am not a morning person.