Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing Green Smash & Peach~

Monday night we took the kids to the pet store so they could each pick a fish. I figure it's an easy enough pet to take care of. The biggest obstacle will be keeping the dog from eating the fish. I think I can do that.
Today Grace and Denny woke Bob and I up at 6am saying "the fish are hungry, the fish are hungry." Beta's only eat every 3 days, and we fed them last night. I had to hide the food otherwise these fish won't make it past the weekend.
Denny named his fish Green Smash. The fish is not green, but it's Denny's favorite color and Smash Brothers in his favorite wii game, so he put it together and came up with Green Smash.

Grace named her fish Sleeping Beauty, then switched to Flower then to Magical. She finally settled on Peach.

I give it three more days until the novelty of it all wears off, but until then I will enjoy the sweet excitement that these little fish have brought to us.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Oh, the first fish! Hopefully they will live for a while and you won't have to have a flushing ceremony any time soon!

Friends of Jesus said...

nice kids... they look great!