Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Hung Over

I'm off to a slow start today. I went out last night with my girls and planned on being home by midnight. The drinks were flowin' and I was having a blast catching up with everyone. Next thing I know, Judy and Scott are dropping me off at 3 a.m. I was hurting this morning to say the least, but it was all worth it. Thanks Judy and Scott for driving my drunk ass home.
Hump day was full off goodness. Denny was feeling better so I dropped the kids off at my mom's house for a couple hours. I went to the gym and finally went shoe shopping. When we came back home, Bob's mom came over for awhile and spent some Q.T. with Grace and Denny. They went for a walk and made Papa Joe a birthday card.
Today, after I became coherent (aroun
d 2pm), Tim and Kelly came over with little Joey, and him and Grace swam and played outside for a few hours.
I'm counting down the minutes until Grace goes to bed, and I am hitting the sack EARLY tonight.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I don't even know how you function with that little amount of sleep. You are a better woman then I am! It was grea that you were able to get out of mom mode for a bit and let loose!