Thursday, June 29, 2006

My boy is back. Denny has been nothing but sweet and loving today. It's 3pm and he has not cried at all, not even once. I am one happy mamma.
Not too much going on here today. I'm getting psyched for the long weekend. Bob's mom and Joe are taking the kids on Saturday, so I'm going to try to finally see the Break Up. Saturday night we have a bachelor/bachlorette party for Corene and Scott. Good times will be had!
Last night me, Tracy and my brother went to Dave's funeral service. It was heart-breaking to say the least. I have never seen so many people at one of these things before. He had a lot of friends, and he was only 35, so it was hard to take in. So many people were sobbing uncontrollably, I couldn't help but break down seeing all the pain they are going through right now.

On to lighter news, Grace has taken on an obsession with My Little Pony. Yesterday I took her to the store to buy a new one, and she has not put this thing down. The first picture on here is the smile I got from her when I asked her if she wanted to go to Toys R Us to pick out a new pony. Too precious.
I hear the monkies waking up, so I must go.


The Whole Self said...

so sorry to hear about your friend's friend- those things really get to me and make me think about my own life and how i live it.

also, i love the second pic of grace- she is so pretty!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm glad to hear that Denny is back, can you send some good vibes my way, Seth is wearing me down. At least with the Gilbert's coming we will all be busy and hopefully Seth will have fun and forget about being cranky!