Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Your Love is Better than Ice Cream

In between rain showers Monday, me and the babies spent some time outside. We sat at the picnic table and chowed down on some ice cream. Grace, who usually isn't the best at sharing, gave every other bite of the goods to Denny. It was so precious. My little girl is turning into the sweetest big sis.

This morning was a morning from hell. I spent 2 non-stop hours listening to Denny scream and whine. I was about to commit myself to the mental health ward at Parma General. Today is the second morning in a row he's been like this. No matter what I try to do, feed him, hold him, play, etc.., he won't stop. I'm pretty sure it's his teeth coming in, but Lord help me, I almost lost my mind. Thankfully, after his morning nap, he woke up in good spirits and we went to the gym. When I walked into the day care after my work out, one of the girls who watches the kids was holding Denny. She said he wouldn't let her put him down for the entire hour. I felt kinda bad because there were a ton of other kids there and she had to focus on my little crabber. She said she didn't mind though (she's a good liar.)

I'm super excited because I got in on some swappin' with Nina! I can't wait to get my pin and I'm even more excited to send some goodies to her.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Seth has calmed down so I'm not sure if it was teethng or not, who knows! AHHH!