Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One More Day Flying Solo

It's Wednesday night, and I made it through another day without my better half. Today was surprisingly another great day. We spent the morning at Tracy's house, visiting her and the new baby. After that, me, Grace and Denny all took naps! Yes, another nap today and I loved it! My mom stopped over and hung out for a little bit, then I went next door and played a game of Rummy while the kids played outside.
I talked to Bob and he is having a good time in Atlanta, learning a lot and meeting some cool peeps. I can't wait until he gets home tomorrow night.

I added a video clip of Denny, because he needs some air time. I was trying to get him to say the few things he can say, like hi and bye-bye, but he never performs for the camera. So it's kinda a boring clip, but a bit funny because the whole time I'm taping him you hear Grace screaming for some camera time, even she is ALWAYS on the camera.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I feel like I have been flying solo as well. ro has been sick and in bed for over a day and I'm going a little mad!!!

Loved the video clip once again, I promise to take your directions and do it soon, maybe next week when Seth goes to the sitter one day and I have TIME! Do you remember what that is??

The Whole Self said...

love the video- and my gray does the same thing anytime the camera isn't pointed directly at her- all my videos of pummie have grace in the background begging for some attention. gotta love it.

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