Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fair Fun

I am so proud of Grace. Usually she is quite timid when it comes to new things. We went to the fair on Saturday, and my little girl went on 3 rides. One with Dennis, one with Bob, and one all by herself. She loved it! There was only one ride that Denny was "big" enough to go on. You can see in the picture he has a poutty face on, but after the ride started moving, he was all smiles. It was a great family day. Both babies were exhausted by the time it was over.

We did end up walking to the college Saturday evening with the kids and hit some tennis balls against the wall. I thought this would be a disaster, that the kids would be going after the balls and getting in the way of our swings. However, they both did their own things for a good hour, so Bob and I were able to get some practice in. Lord knows I need it.

We made another home-made pizza last night. This time it was the bomb-digidy with tons of flavor-flave. Perfect amount of spices, cheese and toppings. We swore that we'll never order pizza again. We rented Chappelle Show's Lost Episodes. I hate to say, these episodes should never have been found. I was so disappointed. We couldn't even finish the DVD because the skits were so stupid and boring. Total bummer.

Today is Sunday. We did some shopping this morning, and now the house is asleep, except for me. At 2:30 we are going to the Cleveland Browns training camp. Denny got a new Browns jersey today, and Grace a Browns t-shirt. My only worry is that it's almost 90 degrees, and Denny hates the heat. So who knows how long we'll be able to stay, but we're gonna give it a shot.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I can't wait to take Seth on rides next summer, it will be such a blast!

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