Friday, September 15, 2006


New jeans and shirt

It's only 2:30 and so far, I've had the best day ever. G&D woke at 8, and were both in great moods. They had breakfast together then played without a hitch. At 10:30, GMA Debbie came over and took them away. She wanted to spend the day with her grandbabies and do some serious spoiling.
So I had some "me" time. I went to the mall and finally found a pair of jeans that I liked, and a couple of shirts. Then I headed to the Yankee Candle store and bought the sweetest smelling tart candles: Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Harvest, Rain, Ocean Breeze, and Cottage something. Man, these things smell delicious. I have the Autumn Harvest going right now and my entire house smells like heaven. I even got some x-mas shopping done. The Disney store was having a sale and I got Grace a Princess phone and a Princess backpack. Normally would have cost $30, I spent $13. Now I have to put it out of my sight so I don't give it to her early.

It doesn't get any more girlie than this

After shopping, I went to Blockbuster to get some movies for tonight: Silent Hill and Benchwarmers. It's been raining all day with no signs of clearing up, so tonight we will have to survive without Cornhole and relax infront of the tube instead.

Sweet smell of spiced pumpkin

We have no plans this weekend. Now I can really tell summer is over because our calendar has cleared up. Pretty soon it will be time to pick pumpkins and start decorating for Halloween, my favorite holiday.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I absolutely loved Benchwarmers, but I LOVE John Heder, he's the best nerd there is and too funny! Lve your new outfit, looks like you did a little shopping therapy of your own!