Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunny, Smiley Day

Today was a lovely day. Sunny and cool, not a cloud in the sky. A lot of the homes in the neighborhood are already decorated for Halloween, which is my favorite holiday. Especially now that we have kids (although I've always loved it for some reason.) So I wanted to spend the day outside with G&D, me drinking coffee, them having juice. I had soooooo much coffee today; cinnamon coffee that I made this morning to start the day, then I needed a noon time boost, so I bought some funky, delicious pumpkin, apple, vanilla mix. So I was on a caffeine high, nice weather high all day. Good stuff. The kids were feeling it too because they were both happy little monkeys all day long. And now, it's not even 8:00 and Grace is asleep on the couch with Bob, and Denny went down at 7. Fresh air knocks them out.

Here's a few pictures that I took today. There's at least 10 more, but I like to split them between the blog and the fotolog. This picture below of Denny melts my heart, it's definitely a framer. He added another couple words to his vocab: Ball and up. I think there's more, but I'm having a brain fart right now.

And again, it's another Tuesday that I didn't do the self portrait challange. I vow, on this blog, that next Tuesday I will have the attempted the SPC.

And lastly, our proverbial sayings for today, about Art & Creativity:
A picture is a poem without words ~ Latin
Poetry moves heaven and earth ~ Japanese
Every art requires the whole person ~ French
The block of wood should not dictate to the carver ~ Maori


The Whole Self said...

aaah, that picture is a keeper.
his haircut is killing me...it's the cutest thing i've seen in a long time. doesn't it make them look so much more like little "boys" when they get their first cuts?

glad i have a partner in crime in my caffeine highs.


Jennifer Lynn said...

You drink coffee=, I drink Dr. Pepper at 7:30 in the morning, it's all good! Heavy D looks like he has an army cut, it is cracking me up!