Monday, September 18, 2006


C'mon guys, do something with this hair

I think the time has come for Denny's first haircut. He turned 16 months on Friday, which I forgot to mention on Friday. Sorry Heavy D. His hair was totally out of control tonight though, so I had to snap a few pictures. He has curls just like me, Bob and Grace.

Last night we finally watched one of our movies, Silent Hill. It stunk like junk. It was supposed to be scary, but it was more sci-fi and the acting was atrocious. I fell asleep before it ended, and still had a nightmare. Thank goodness Bob was still up and he shook me out of it. He said I was shaking and screaming, and he thought I was messing with him. I know I said the movie wasn't scary, but it was weird, and even weird will cause nightmares for me.

Today I was going through our "library" downstairs trying to find a good book to read. I found "A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom." I got this book my freshman year of college. It's filled with proverbial sayings from different cultures, and it has 91 different topics. I'm not even half way through, but am on the "Good & Evil" section. So every day I will try to share one or two that I find interesting.

These are from the Adversity chapter:

Each cross has its own inscription ~ English

Difficulties make you a jewel ~ Japanese

I hope everyone has a good week, and that it goes by fast!


Jennifer Lynn said...

He looks like a cartoon character with that hair, it is too funny! You need to watch Benchwarmers for a good laugh now after that horrible movie!

The Whole Self said...

love the quote idea- always lookin' for inspiration.

and l.o.v.e. the hair!