Friday, October 06, 2006


Grace, Heavy D and Joey hanging out Friday night

This was D waking from his nap today. He now says "cheese" when we take his picture

We are all happy cats when the weekend arrives. Today, I am just thanking the stars that Friday is here. The past 3 days, G&D have not been in the best of moods, and I am physically and mentally exhausted from the crabiness. Bob made it home safely Wednesday night, and this weekend is his birthday weekend! On Monday, he'll be turning 33. He even took the day off! Smart man. waffle love

Tonight we had no big plans. Bobs bro Tim called at 4:30 and asked if we could watch Joey for them. We said absolutely! The 3 always play so well together. So we ordered a pizza, then went outside and played before it got dark (which is way too early now.) Then we came in and played some more. Denny finally went to bed at 8:30, and Grace and Joey are still going strong. I'm pretty sure I'll be going to bed as soon as Joey gets picked up. I'm one tired momma. Even the Pumpkin spice coffee couldn't get me moving today.

I promise I am done messing with my blog. It is what it is for now, until I get the itch again to play around with it.
Today's proverbial sayings are on BEAUTY:
Beauty without virtue is a flower without perfume ~ French
A beautiful thing is never perfect ~ Egyptian

Grace & Joey playing outside

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I agree it gets dark way too early and I'm not such a fan. I feel like I need to rush through everything at night to get outside before dark. I liked the lighthouse blog you picked, it was neat. Now you've got me wanting to search for A new one when I have time. Tell Bob we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and don't party too hard, well party it up you only live once right!

The Whole Self said...

the waffle love picture just made my day.

hope things (and moods) were looking up for your weekend!