Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I can not give enough thanks to my beautiful, wonderful mom-in-law. Which I hate even calling her, she's mom. Tuesday she came over our house and I went to get a massage. I can't even talk about the massage, because the greatest part of it all, was when I came back home.
She made a cake with G&D, cooked us dinner, and had the most perfect presents a girl could ask for. And then we had some coffee time, coffee talk, as we laughed at Gracie's silly antics (Denny was snoozing when I got home...a bit too much cake in the belly.)
But back to the cake....Chocolate and heart shaped, with HOME MADE frosting. Then decorated by my girl Grace, with 3 different icings and sprinkles.

So perfect!

Then another big thankyou love you to Bob, who skipped his haircut after work so he could come home and let me retreat upstairs to the BIG TUB and take a nice, hot bubble bath. And this is after he had a crazy, bad day at work.
I feel so lucky, so blessed. I know soon I will be bitching again, but for today, let me swim in my happiness, my thankfulness.

We've been surrounded by so much family lately. We spent Sunday evening with Timmy, Kelly & Joey. Eating Romeo's and watching the Brown's game. Watching the kids paly. And I can't forget all of us packed in our tiny kitchen while Tim gave Joey a hair cut. Good stuff.

Monday night was bonus night when Becky and Pete came over to watch the game. Then they filled us in on some more good news.....Dad and Donna will be coming in next month from Florida to make a visit. Plus, it happens to be the weekend of the big game.....OSU -v-Michigan.

Get your scarlet & gray ready GMA & GPA Keeler, and make sure it's warm! Go Bucks!!!!

It's late right now for a week night. Bob and I watched Nip/Tuck, then he went to bed. We almost always go to bed together, but tonight I got a huge burst of energy. Maybe that 4-o-clock coffee talk is still in me.

I know I messed with the blog again tonight. I did it earlier in the day, and I'm not happy with it. If anyone knows how to make the custom headers, please let me know.

From "A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom," Courage and Fear:
The brave person regards dying as going home ~ Chinese
Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow ~ Swedish

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Did I miss something, is it your birthday and you didn't come right out and tell the world? Well, in any case it sounds like you had an amazing day and you have an amazinf family to share your life with!!!