Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Balloonie Love
These balloons we got at Maggie's shower have been a house favorite all week. G&D play with them all day. I can't believe that they lasted as long as they did. But today they finally lost all their form and we had to toss them. To my surprise, no one threw any tantrums.

Jumpin' For Joy During Another Dance Party

I'm tired again today. I stayed up last night to watch Nip/Tuck, even though I could barely keep my eyes open. Then once the show ended, my tiredness went away, so I was up late. Although I did nap today with Grace for a bit, it wasn't enough.

Flower Power

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday. Happy Bday Mom. Her and Dave went to Windsor early this morning and are coming back on Friday. I hope she has some birthday luck and wins big!!!

Heavy D

This may be the most boring post ever. I'm at another loss as to what to wright. Sorry folks. I hope you at least enjoy the pictures. Umm, the weekend is coming up. What are we doing? Friday me and a bunch of girlfriends are having a sleepover party at Tracy's house. Her sister's are taking Michael & Madison overnight, and Mia will be hanging out with the big girls. We are going to play some board/card games, drink some/lots of vino & beer, and chat it up all night.

Saturday we have no plans, maybe we will do some more X-mas shopping. I wouldn't mind going out to dinner (hint, hint Bobby -O). I really want to go see a movie. I haven't been to a movie in a long time and I miss it. Only 1 more day till Friday! :)


Jennifer Lynn said...

Nip Tuck was crazy again on Tuesday night. The writers for that show are serious sick! It is such a guilty pleasure though! Did you get anything from me yet?????

Kara said...

We have a great love for balloons in our house too. They stick around FOREVER after a birthday or pizza place vist, parade or anything! It makes me think that the HUNDREDS of toys we have are such a waste. I should just by a hellium tank and a mega pack of balloons and call it quits!!!!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I sent you a little something over a week ago, let me check is this your address:
11727 Woodview Blvd.
Parma Hgts, OH 44130

I'm getting a little mad that you haven't gotten it yet!