Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jumpin' Denny K

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Another video for you all, since I am camera-less. Plus, well, this is cute. My boy trying to get some air. Please ignore Grace's crying/screaming/whining in the back round. She did not break a bone or lose an eye, she was upset b/c I was taping someone other than her.

Saturday was a full day, a fun day. We managed to make it to 4 places AND lunch with Grace and Denny. We are usually lucky if we can make it into 2 stores before they start acting like loonies. Today they were in great moods, as was I and Bobby. So it was a good day.
We also went to Katie's 8th birthday party. Sugar consumption off the charts, 40 hyper kids in a room, and my head was ready to explode. Wow. But Grace and Denny had sooooo much fun, and that's what is important. I can take some Advil.

I am so happy to have discovered Josh Radin. Thanks to Georgia at Creative Musings ( ) who recommended him to me a couple months back. His music is mellow, but that fits my mood these days. His voice is soothing and his lyrics are so true, so beautiful. Some of my faves are "The One You Knew" and "Winter." I made a CD for Tracy with a couple of his songs, and she is loving it also. So thank you Georgia for this!

Saturday night I spent lots of time scanning pictures. So be prepared this week to see some pics from my college days, Watertown, Bob in Bosnia, and lots of other goodies.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I can't wait for old pics, love them! I will have to make myself a note and do the same from our partying days!

Thank you so much for the Christmas card. I have to say that I have gotten a TON of picture cards and yours is my fav, I just love it and the kids look so great together!

I also love the videos you have been posting, I'm getting my G&D fix!