Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Kiss-Miss Perfection

Grace is saying, "Oh, it's a pillow for monkey." She was so happy. Then we told her, "no, open that up too." Inside she found a purse from Uncle Eric & Nicole, filled with clips and lip gloss. Then she was even more happy.

G&D helping Uncle Eric blow out his candles

Let me set the scene for you. We walked into Mom and Joe's beautiful home yesterday evening. Grace and Denny filled with anticipation and excitement to see Grandma and Papa and, of course, knowing there will be presents that need to be opened.
They had a fire blazing, tree full of ornaments and lights, X-mas music blaring, and the aroma of a delicious dinner filled the air. The perfect setting for an evening with family.
The menu: chicken paperkosh (no idea how to spell, but i love it), flank steak & salad. I ate way too much, but there was no stopping me. Everything tasted so darn good. I'm all about food before I get back to basics.
We spent lots of time watching the babies play (of course), laughing and enjoying the all around goodness.
We also celebrated Eric's 26th birthday. It's not until January 4th, but since he's in town, we took the opportunity to celebrate that as well.

Grandma Debbie & Papa Joe with the babes.

All around fun night. Eric & Nicole seriously spoiled us with their gift. From Crate & Barrell (one of the best stores on earth) they got us new plates, bowls, cups...the whole sha-bang. The style is exactly what I would have picked out. I can not wait to clear out all our old junk and bring in the new. Then have a little dinner party to show it all off.

Heavy D checking out his new dump truck

I must spoil some of the goodness here and tell you about the drive home. The 45-minute drive home, in the dark, fog and rain. We were about 18 seconds gone from Grandma and Papa's when Grace decided to turn it up a notch. She started with the whining, then proceeded to the shouting, then crying, then SCREAMING bloody murder. This lasted for 38 minutes. Bob and I decided (after the first 4 minutes) to ignore it; that was our game plan and we were sticking to it. I am pretty sure Eric will never have children now, so I am sorry about that. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a car with a screaming child. I know I have said that before and I will say it again & again. Thankfully Denny didn't start it up with her. Instead he just clicked his tongue and moved his little hands to the oldies on the radio.

Once we arrived home, both babies went to bed easily, dreaming about the great night we had.

Our new dinner set


Jennifer Lynn said...

See you night was going too well, GRace had to make it just a little less perfect! sorry about that, but the beginning part sounded like a dream!!

Mollie said...

Grace & Maggie should hang out and see who can whine & scream the loudest and longest. You & I will sit back, watch & do shots of Old Dan Tucker. Whatcha think?