Monday, January 22, 2007

Yummy in My Tummy

Since Bob and I quit smoking, we drink a lot less. When we do drink though, we like to enjoy good beer now. I am still a Natty Lite girl, don't get me wrong. But when you aren't smoking a pack a day, your taste buds actually work. It's kind of nice. The other night I picked up a 6 pack of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I fell in love. It is the best beer I have ever had. The perfect mix of cherries and honey. Delicious. If you have not tried it, go out and get some. Indulge. Enjoy!

Disclaimer~ These puppies are strong. 2 will knock your socks off :)

Also, Let's hear it for the Indianapolis Colts! Bob has been a big fan of the Colts, especially Peyton Manning, for many years . The Browns can't do it, but the Colts did. And we at the Keeler's Korner LOVE IT!

You da man, Mr. Manning. You da man! Go Colts! Super Bowl XLI!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I have never seen a family more into football, you guys are great!

If I liked beer I'd try that, but unfortunately as much as I try to like that stuff I just can't drink it. I would be a much cheaper date if I did!

Kara said...

I LOVE a good beer. I can't do that cheapo college beers any more. I love Sierra Nevada and Burning River for Great Lakes and Rogue Dead Guy, and well, lots of microbrews!!!! Glad to know that you gave up the cigs too!

KrisUnderwood said...

That does look yummy....