Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our chef, Poppy

Thursday I went to dinner at Shinto's with some friends. The dinner was amazing, as always. Tracy and I split fillet and shrimp. I have to say, I felt like a rock star there. As soon as we walked in, we went to the bar to wait for our table. Drinks were on the house. Then while having dinner, our waiter brought over drinkies (3 different times) that were taken care of by the owner. Nice. Too bad I wasn't drinking that night, but no worries, the drinks didn't go to waste. Between our hibachi chef and Stacia, no fluids were wasted (but they were by the time dinner was over.)
Friday I was determined to get G&D out of the house. Thankfully Jalissa called and asked if I wanted to go to the mall and let the kids play in the play land there. So that's what we did, and spent a good 2 hours watching them all let some steam off. Then when Bob got home from work, we went out to dinner for a fish fry. We should have stayed home. I always talk about how great my kids are when we go out to dinner. Well not this time. I think G was over tired and she was not a happy girl. As a matter of fact, her exact words in the restaurant were "I am angry." And she was, for the entire hour we were there. So it was stressful and when we came home that night, I felt exhausted. Luckily G&D went to bed by 8:00. I laid on the couch in comfies and a big blanket, and watched "The Departed." Bob and I were one of the last people on earth who had not seen it yet. OMG, that movie rocked. One of the best ever!
Now a new day lies ahead of us. Who knows what it will bring; hopefully a nice, long nap.

Grace at the playland in the mall

Jacob & Denny, checking it all out


Jennifer Lynn said...

The girl wearing the pink sweater looks just like a girl from Watertown, they could be twins.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hibatchi restaurants. We have one in SYR and I'm addicted to it, they are the BEST!!!

How lucky are you to have a playland at your mall?? That would be so great, just to get the kids out and to run around. You are very fortunate.

The Whole Self said...

let's hear it for getting out of the house!