Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sometimes You Feel Like A Jerk

Friday evening we got back from the gym and it was 6ish. I went into "spaz mom" mode. This is never pretty. The kids had not had dinner yet and I knew they were starving. I was trying to make dinner, and make G&D something small before dinner was ready, and call in Graces prescription, and for some reason I had a bunch of stuff running through my mind that I had to do at that very moment (when really all I HAD to do was make dinner.) So while this is occurring, G&D are cramped in our tiny kitchen with me, basically following my every move and I'm stepping on them and getting annoyed and ready to explode. I see Bob and he is sitting on the couch on the computer. He must have felt my spaz mom/bitch wife stare, b/c a couple of minutes later he came into the kitchen and said "sorry I sat down for a minute." Sarcastic but so right on. He had been up since 6am. It's now almost 7pm.
He puts the laptop on the counter and starts asking me about the dance classes that I found in the area for Grace. He says he can't find anything local online and asked if I could show him the web site I found of a nice place right down the street for us. Sure I said, as I was still getting dinner ready, had the phone on one ear and Denny hanging from my right leg. I look back at Bob and he is staring at me like come on, show me. "Now, I said? You can't wait 1 hour?" He nods his head. As I am ready to push him through the kitchen window and into the below zero temps, I open up the lap top (a bit suspicious but clueless at the same time.) Here is what I see on the screen:

A Tiffany bracelet that matches beautifully with my T necklace. Okay, I feel like a real piece of work. I haven't just been a biatch for the past hour, but basically the past couple of days. And he said he ordered this a few days ago. We don't celebrate Valentines day, never really have. It's a hallmark holiday and why do you need a special day to show someone how much you love them? With that being said, THANK YOU HONEY. Sorry I was/am a jerk, I love you. I will spend the next week eagerly waiting for this beauty to arrive.

My husband ROCKS!


owlhaven said...

How sweet! Hi from a fellow blogging chick!

Mary, mom to many

Carie said...

Nice Work BOb, that was really sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bob!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love your new giftie. I still feel badly that you never got mine way back a few months ago. I have to say that I have done that before, been all stressed out and took it out on Ro, then he did something sweet and I felt like a jerk! It will pass!

Mayren said...

*hifives Bob*

I know it's hard when you find yourself sticking your foot in your mouth, so to speak.

Now you just need Peppermint Shoes!

Left-handed Trees... said...

It always seems to work this way...doesn't it? I hope you enjoy your beautiful gift.