Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am one lucky girl

D, please don't smile so big for the camera

This is funny b/c Bob tried to take many pics of just D & I. Grace knew it,so she had to put on her goofy face. I have half a dozen pics like this, only Grace has on a different silly smile.


This past Sunday was a beautiful day. It was still cool, but sunny, so we went to the Metroparks for a walk. No strollers involved, we all walked and enjoyed the start of Spring. There were so many people out, so many kids, doggies and just lots of happy people who have been cooped up in the house for the past several months. It was so nice. Here's some (well, lots) of pics from our day. I couldn't stop taking pictures b/c it felt so good to be outside.

Then on Monday night we were visited by Gma Deb & Papa Joe. They stopped over on their way home from Arizona. Straight from the airport, not even stopping home first, they came over to get their G&D fix. They needed to confirm that they didn't need to move out West :)

We finally fit in "Stranger Than Fiction." I have heard so many mixed reviews about this movie that I had no idea what I was getting into. It started off slow, but let me tell you, we ended up LOVING IT. It was like nothing I've seen before (which is a treat now a days) and all the actors were amazing. So if you haven't seen it yet, see it. If you have, let me know what you thought.
Tuesday was 74 degrees. What!~ I started the day in a sweatshirt and was literally sweating. So the rest of the day I was in a tank top. Yes, it felt so good to not be all bundled up. We went to Tracy's in the morning for coffee/play time.(and i got some great shots of Mia finally, which I'll share tomorrow). Then after naps, I took the babes for a walk around the block. We came inside for an early dinner and while we were eating, we saw that Katie & Tyler from next door were out. So we headed back outside and the kids played until 7:30. A good 3 hours. It was the perfect day. Unfortunately it's gonna get cold again, so this is just a little teaser. I can take it now b/c Spring has just about sprung!

The End


jenica said...

oh adorable! doesn't it just feel amazing to be outside again??? i love watching my kids play and interact again, we'd become little drones. i love when they're little enough that they don't really remember what spring or summer was like last year, so everything is so fresh and new and exciting.

your grace and my elaisha must be soul sisters, i have almost NO pics of my youngin's without her pulling a face on the side. sometimes we just have to tell her that we're taking the pic of her while we zoom in on the others!

Mollie said...

The Keelers are such a happy family. It's so cute!

Kara said...

Great pics Amanada! Glad to see that I am not the only one with a photo ham in the family!(Chloe)

Mayren said...

Super Shots. I bet the kids loved the fun in the sun.

Mayren said...

We had Stranger than Fiction in our Netflix queue and watched it last nite. I liked it. It was cute. Will Ferrell being comedic but so held back was a new one on me. The concept was the most interesting thing for me. I mean the Authoress hadn't published a book in over 10 years... Harold Crick had done the EXACT same thing every day for 12 years... does that mean The Authoress was responsible for Harold Crick not having a life? I mean because she didn't write one for him?.

Tara said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)