Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Piano Man & The Funny Man

Billy Joel

How can I describe last Friday night? How about, the best night ever. Tracy and I had tickets to see Billy Joel. Jessica agreed to drive us downtown so we could save $30 on a cab ride. Downtown Cleveland was hoppin', the city was alive with people pre-partying before the many events going on. There was the Billy concert, Christina Agulara concert, and the Indians game. Friday the 13th turned into a very lucky day for Tray and I.

Billy Joel was everything we expected and more. I never knew how hilarious the Piano Man was. He had the crowd rolling with his comments and in awe at his ability to jam on that piano. We were on our feet dancing for most of the concert. Our seats were in the perfect location and we were surrounded by crying women who love Billy even more then we do.

After the show we hit House of Blues to meet some friends. Then we went to Hilarities to grab a drinkie at their Martini Bar. Wouldn't you know it, the headlining comedian of the night is a guy who we saw 6 months ago and loved, Tom Papa. So Tracy (who has no fear when it comes to asking event staff for free seats, better seats, you name it) asked one of the waitresses if she could sneak us into the show. There were 2 seats left and they were ours for free. We saw the second half of Tom's show and that was about all I could handle b/c my gut was sore from laughing and my cheeks hurt from smiling. When we were walking out, we saw Tom in the hall and stopped to introduce ourselves. We chatted for a bit then we offered to buy him a delicious cocktail. He came with us to the martini bar and we hung out with him for the next couple of hours.

Tom Papa

Click on his name and check out his web page. He has clips that you can watch and I promise you will get a good laugh out of it.

Thursday night I went out also, and have some good stories to share. But that's another post for another time. While I've been partying like I'm 21 again, Bob has been working his arse off. Since Wednesday he has been in the kitchen doing the big renovation. Our new cabinets & lighting are installed. Looking good so far.


Carie said...

I am so jealous!!! I saw him once at was awesome...wait were you there? Anyways you HAVE TO let me know the next time you guys go out!! I miss everyone!

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous I don't even have the words. Oh wait. Yes I do, but it involves swearing and name calling.

Anonymous said...

How cool! Did you get me a commerative concert t-shirt? How about a pin? Poster?

Marissa said...

i'm so jealous of your seats. i was very far look so close!

Jennifer Lynn said...

We went and saw Billy last March at the Dome and he was amazing. He brought tears to my eyes, so corny, but true. Definately a must not miss concert! So happy you had such a great time!

jenica said...

look at you, wild party gurl. i'm glad you had such an amazing, crazy, once-in-a-lifetime type weekend!