Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A few extra special things since my last post:
  • Having Papa Joe's birthday celebration over here last week. We grilled steaks, played cornhole, ate chocolate cake and enjoyed a beautiful summer day with family.

  • Fathers day. Memories of my dad, making new memories with Bob and our babes, and trying my hardest to spoil Bob so he knows just how much he means to the kids and I.

  • Last Thursday night; Bob and I went out together to a fiesta at Judy and Scott's. It was our first time there and they have an awesome house. The whole gang was out that night and even some old school peeps who I haven't seen in years. Even though the CAVS lost the game that night, I had a blast.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who thoughtfully commented on my last post about preschool. I can't believe all the awesome advice that was sent this way. You guys rock!

Today I am looking forward to a rainy day. I know that sounds crazy, but if I can get a day inside the house, I might actually get some stuff done. Even if it just rains for a couple of hours, that would be helpful. With that in mind, I'm signing out so said "stuff" can get done.


The Whole Self said...

so funny- i was actually looking forward to a little rain today, too...just to get things done.

i love that picture of bob with the kids...he looks so stinkin' happy.

also, about the school thing...the most important thing is that once you make a decision don't second guess it or feel bad about it, because only you know what's best for your girlie. seriously. you rock.

jenica said...

alright, what is cornhole?

i so wish it would rain and give me break from the heat! I might actually go OUTSIDE if it rained!

Jennifer Lynn said...

My house needs some serious TLC too! Love the pics of the kids. Oh, my hubby must want to learn how to play cornhole because there is a diagram of it on our computer. He was lookng it up online!!

Anonymous said...

the picture of bob's mom and denny is beautiful! Sounds like a great weekend!