Friday, June 01, 2007


Poor D's been peeing out of his butt for the past 2 days. So much so that I have to check him in the middle of the night and change his diaper so his rash doesn't take over the universe. He doesn't like that much, as you all know D LOVES his sleep. What other 2-year-old do you know that puts himself to bed no matter what fun stuff is going on? The culprit of this madness is juice boxes. He sucked down 4 on Memorial day and he's paying for it now. Sure, we shouldn't of let him have so many, but he gets so stinkin' happy when he's carrying around his little capri sun. We learned our lesson.

In other non-poop related news, Thursday evening Bob and I took the kids to Tracy's son's baseball game. It was awesome and we plan on going every Thursday. D hung out with Lynn's daughter and developed a serious crush. See what I mean:

Thursday evening I planned on watching the CAVS and being in bed by 11. Double over-time kept me up until after midnight. Who cares, I'm pretty sure I saw history being made with Lebron. Yes, the CAVS won in Deetroit rock city. But holy shysters, did you see what LJ did? It's not even human. I am still in awe and can't wait for Saturdays game. GO CAVS!


jenica said...

oh, how i love the crushy pictures and little league games. so cute!

Tara said...

Living right outside of Detroit, the "L" word is bad...but I have to admit, he has done a fabulous job (just don't tell my neighbors I said so ;) ).

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love those shots of D, so cute! Good to know about the juice boxes, not that we give them to Seth, but in the future I'll steer clear. If I'm out of touch later this week know that we are headed to DC for a family graduation and I'll fill you in when we return!