Monday, June 11, 2007


I heart summer. It's nice to live in area where you get all 4 seasons, b/c then you really appreciate summertime. It's only the beginning, but here's what I am lovin' so far:
  • the smell of sunblock
  • endless Popsicles
  • jam packed weekends
  • G&D's cool, wrinkly skin after hours of swimming
  • my teacher friends being on summer vacation
  • garage sales
  • flip flops
  • night time bon fires
  • summer skirts
  • cornholio
  • blooming flowers


Carie said...

meeeeeeeeeeee too

Jennifer Lynn said...

I ditto your list! Too bad I'm not closer, I am a teacher friend!

Mollie said...

Love those pics of Denny! They are so sweet.

jenica said...

love it! i just want to eat D!