Monday, September 24, 2007


Denny, Grace and My Grace @ the zoo

This may be one of those posts that are all over the place, so I apologize in advance. It's Monday morning and I am feeling kinda blah.

Our weekend was filled with:

  • movies (Summer is over, so Friday night movie night is back)

  • new furniture in the living room

  • pots of chili

  • card games of Shanghai rummy

  • sunglasses & underwear shopping with Tracy

  • Buckeyes & Browns football

  • an afternoon dirty-thirty birthday celebration for Stacia (she's the last one of us to turn the big 30)

  • new books. I ordered "Into The Wild" and it arrived on Saturday. I can't put this book down, which is why this post is gonna be short. I need to read more of it and I recommend you do the same if you haven't read it yet.
  • The Cleveland Indians clinching the AL central division championship. Go Tribe!
  • My husband being too good to be true. Up until Saturday, he had worked 12 days straight. Usually on weekends, he sleeps in on Saturday and I sleep in on Sundays. This weekend, even though he has been working his butt off, he got up with the kids both days. He wanted to spend the mornings with G&D and he wanted to give me a break also. He rocks, I know.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Hubs do ROCK! We are truly blessed!

Mollie said...

What truly fabulous sounding weekend! I can't get over how grown up G&D look in that last picture. It almost made me cry.