Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My main squeeze turns 34 today so send along some b/day lovin'! The Tribe did last night when they beat the Yankess and won the division series! I'm pretty sure that's gonna be Bob's best gift this birthday. GO TRIBE!
We began the b/day festivities on Friday, when we met up with Jes, Leo, Jodie & Tom. We did not go to the Indians game that night. We were literally walking out the door to go to the game when our friend who sold us the tickets called. He said check the date on those tickets. Well, there is no date on them. All they said was game 2 in the ALCS, not the ALDS. Oops. We still had a great time watching the game at Scorekeepers and now that we beat the Yankees, we get to see the Tribe play Boston one day next week.
Saturday we continued the celebration with Pete, Beckie, Pauly and Timmy. We watched another Buckeyes victory then played some late night cornhole.

Tonight, Mom is coming over for dinner, cake and presents! I like to make birthdays last as long as possible.
Happy Birthday Bob!!!


Kara said...

Happy B-Day Bob! Hope you have a great one!

Mollie said...

AWESOME you get to see the tribe play Boston! Give Bob a happy birthday from me and mags.

Debbie said...

Bob You R the BEST. H.B.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Bob!! We are happy that your team won just for your birthday!

jenica said...

hippo birdie 2 ewe! i heart long-lasting birthdays. we just opened another present for freeman's birthday...he turned four last MONTH. ;-D

Tara said...