Sunday, November 18, 2007


Bday muffins for Beckie, prepared with love from G&D

The babes with Grandpa

Celebrating the OSU victory

What a weekend. Dad and Donna were in town from Florida, it was Beckie's birthday weekend and it was the big game. Ohio State beat Michigan (again) and the Browns won today against Baltimore. There's a lot of happy peeps around here.
We always have so much fun when Dad and Donna are here. We bowled on the wii and they are addicted. I guarantee they have a wii by the end of next month. The kids really loved seeing them this visit also. They are at the age now where they are much more interactive. Grace couldn't get enough of the grandparent lovin'. Archie made a new friend with Dad and Donna's dog Precious. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them playing.
Saturday after the Ohio State game some people came back to the house and some crazies (myself included) played cornhole in the cold and rain.
Sunday we went to Pete and Beckie's to watch the Browns game and eat until our stomachs exploded. I think everyone packed on a few lbs after this weekend.
A short week is ahead of us and we are looking forward to doing some serious cooking Wednesday and Thursday for the T-day festivities. Stop on over if you can!


Carie said...


Jennifer Lynn said...

Happy Turkey Day! Sounds like the excitement just keeps coming for you guys this week! Have a great one, we can't wait!

The Whole Self said...


hope you guys have a beautiful holiday. and the new edition to your fam...the stinkin' cutest thing ever! xx

Kara said...

Way to go Bucks!! Have a great Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!