Friday, March 21, 2008


Oh, the beauty and innocence of young love. Grace and her husband/Prince spent a romantic afternoon together at Chunk E Cheese.
This was the first time that Bob's Dad has seen Grace and Joey together. Dad noticed how smitten Grace was with Joey and asked, "is there something I should know." Then we filled him in on Grace's "obsession" with Joey and how the two of them actually married last year.
We all had fun watching and playing with the kids. And if I may brag for just a sec, I hit my all time high score in skeet ball...350,000 points. I dare you to try to beat that.


Anonymous said...

I won't try; the Keeler Fam. is 2 hard to beat. luv mom

Jennifer Lynn said...

Grace is going to love reading these posts later on in life!