Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grace, Mia & Denny @ the Zoo

I know this blog has been extra boring as of late. Trust me, there's a lot going on, I am just suffering from serious writers block. I even missed my last 2 deadlines for the Parenting magazine that I freelance for. It is hard to maintain a certain style of writing once you are out of the work force. When I was "working" outside of the home, writing was never an issue. It always came naturally. Now that I have been a SAHM for 4 years, I notice that my writing comes and goes.

The past week or so we have all been enjoying the weather. Lots of outside play time, swings, slides, sand, trips to the zoo & dog parks, and of course, Cornhole. Come on over and play!


Mollie said...

Writers block is such a pain. I like reading what's going regardless of detail, it's like living next door.
Closest I can get to having coffee with you.

AMANDA said...

I definately miss our coffee talks back in college. We will do it again one of these days.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Welcome back I've missed hearing about your lives! Welcome to the warm outside world too!