Monday, September 15, 2008


So here's how my day started...
I dropped our video camera on the floor.  As I was going to pick it up, I spilled an entire glass of water on it.
Then I went outside to take pictures (with my regular camera) of the storm damage, and my camera stops working.  
When I was walking back towards the house, Archie started going all Cujo on my ass.  Literally, he bit me in the ass and this time it's going to leave a mark.  He continued to harass me and try to kill me until I threw Denny's toy lawn mower at him.  (Don't worry, he's fine...I'm the one bleeding from my ass.)
So Hurricane Ike blew through here last night with winds up to 60 MPH.  Let me start by telling you I live on a street called Woodview.  It is filled with huge, old trees.  
So here is one picture that Bob took last night of the tree part that crashed down onto our fence.
Nice huh'!  You should see the front yards around here.  They are all littered with tree's, wires are down, red cones are set up everywhere.  Grace said it best this morning..."it's kind of spooky around here."

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Jennifer Lynn said...

We had the same types of visions in our area and we still don't have power. It totally sucks, but we are safe!