Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The other day I dragged the kids through Marc's to get a "few" things, which always ends up turning into a cart full of things.
Anyway, my bribe to them was "if you guys are good, we will get a slushy on the way out."
So my kids behaved like angels the entire hour we were in the store.  
After we paid for our stuff, we all happily walked to the snack counter to place our order.
I thought they would have the classic flavors like cherry, grape, etc.
Instead all they had was Mountain Dew Code Red.
I knew I couldn't go back on the deal I had already made, and there were really no other options.  So I reluctantly ordered two small Code Red slushies.
Once we got home, the kids got crahazzy!  Jumping, running, screaming. 
 Grace literally ran into the glass slider and bounced back about 20 feet.  
Both kids were foaming at the mouth while their eyes rolled back into their heads.
I now know what crazy is, I looked it in the face and I was terrified.
Somehow, someway, I survived.  I AM a survivor.


mollie said...

OMG, you should've video taped them. Post it on You Tube and make an Afterschool special on Mountain Dew and it's lasting effects on today's youth.

Jennifer Lynn said...

That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! I think I would have found a way to give them a different treat or tell them the machine was broken.

jenica said...

hahahahahahA! a mistake we only have to make once right?