Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Me & G @ Browns training camp, 2007, when I was still #1

Today has been a bit of a blur.  Usually I like busy and productive days, but for some reason, this day has been rubbing me wrong.  Let me re-phrase... not this day, but this evening.  In particular, an hour of my life from approximately 6 - 7pm.  
The kids and I had arrived home from some fun x-mas shopping, and it truly was fun.  We marched through Target like we owned the place, and even stopped for pizza on the way out.  As soon as we pulled up to the house, Grace switched from her usual sweet-talking, lovin' self into some type of, dare I say, teenager?  She was bitchy, rude and mean to me.  So after some time I became, what I feel was, mean right back to her.  Yeah, nice move Mom.  Treat a 4-year-old how she is treating you.  Good, intelligent parenting at it's best.

I am sitting here writing this, trying to vent a bit, and my eyes are filling with tears because I don't ever want to lose my little girl, and I don't ever want to be any type of mean to her.  Maybe I am just a bit worn down and I lost my cool so I'm being extra sensitive.  That's it I'm sure, and tomorrow will be a better day, filled with rainbows, perfect parenting and my children loving me every second of the day.


Carie said...

Days like this will happen....just take a deep breath and know that you have made many loving impressions on her already and that moment of meaness will be forgot very quickly. Remeber to reconnect with her after a battle just to let her know you are not still mad!!! You rock as a parent..You amn Mollie amaze me everyday. I couldn't do it!!!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I would never have spoken to my parents EVER like how Seth speaks to me somedays. I want to know where the hell they learn it?? Also, he is only 2 what am I in for??

Kara said...

Sorry Amanda, this is only the beginning! Chloe is 8 1/2 and I am already embarrassing when I dance around the house, I get the eye roll and the total tween bitchy attitude! I seriously don't think I will make it to the teen years with two girls. Can you only imagine what my life will be like when Chloe is 14 and Janey is 12?! The thought makes me shudder!

Dr Zibbs said...

Wait until she turns 10. Oy vey!