Thursday, January 08, 2009

Grace Turns Five~

Grace w/ her beautiful Grandma's

So Grace's 5th birthday was three days ago and I am just posting about it now.  This week has been packed beyond capacity.
My princess turned five on Tuesday, and that was also the day she returned to school from Winter break.  She was so stinking excited to go back to school on her bday, she thought that was the coolest thing.  Just wait until she gets older and begs to stay home from school on her bday (like I used to do.)

Grace & Bob w/ Grace's new bed

We celebrated her birthday family style with Grandma Debbie (Nana) and Grandma Punkin over for pizza and cake.   It was a small and sweet party filled with a whole lot of love.
Later this month, we are having a big  blowout at Chunk-E-Cheese with all of Grace's gals from pre-school.  
I am still trying to come to terms that my baby is five.  She thinks she is the bomb now, and you know what, she is!

Look at that happy lil' big girl


Jennifer Lynn said...

HOLY CRAP! I can't believe that she is five, where has the time gone? Seth turns 3 two weeks from today so I am having hard time believing that too!

mollie said...

I admit I choked up a bit when I saw this. It's hard seeing them grow up so fast. She's beautiful, Happy Bday Gracie girl!