Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is what Uncle's are for~

Tonight marked a first in our home.  Bob and I were so proud, we shed tears of joy.   Of course I need to share it with my blogger buds.  I will endure the shit I get from my son when he is older and realizes that I shared this picture on the Internet. 
Tonight, Denny got his first wedgie from his Uncle Timmy.  It won't be his last. 

We promise no kids were injured.  Look at the smile below on Denny's face as he dug the wedge out.


msmollie said...

You totally delayed Denny getting any girls by at least 2-3 years, LOL!! Seriously though the look on his face after says it all, he's all boy!

Jennifer Lynn said...

He is going to KILL you later on in life, but I'm sure that I have embarrassed my son many times on this blog too!

Kara said...

Priceless!! i don't think he'll need TOO much therapy!

jenica said...


it's just a right of passage. when my little brother was born he was given his first wet willy (wet finger in the ear) within 5 minutes of leaving the womb. just wait until denny's big enough to give uncle timmy a wedgie back!