Monday, March 02, 2009

Take Your What Off?

Jen, Jess, Jodie & Carie before the madness began

As soon as Jess picked me up Saturday night I knew it was going to be a goodie.   We couldn't stop laughing and this was pre-vodka and raspberry beer.  It's just what the doc ordered.  You see, all my lovelies are going through lots of crap right now.  Jen is in the middle of a divorce.  Jess and her dude broke up.  Carie's man recently moved to Philly for work.  My husband is addicted to Call of Duty on the Wii (just kidding babe ;)
We started the night at Garage Bar where we consumed one to many of these:
 After some bootie shaking we walked across the street to Bier Market for one then jumped in a cab and headed downtown to Maproom.  Maproom was a blast and a blur.  I ran into one of my favorite Cleveland bloggers from White-Collar redneck.
If you haven't read his blog yet, get off this page and re-direct.  It's some good stuff.
We all made it home Saturday night in one piece.  My stomach still hurts from laughing and my head still hurts from drinking, but it was well worth it.


Jennifer Lynn said...

The pic looks like the cast of Sex and the City! I can't wait to have some cocktails, soon soon soon!

Narm said...

I was completely out of commission on Sunday and blame you for all of it.

Thank you, by the way.

Jess said...

how dare you come to my neighborhood and not call!?!?! okay, im guilty of it with you too but come on manders! call me next time you girls head to the o.c. and i'll meet you for a cocktail! xoxo
cousin jess