Sunday, June 04, 2006

Click, Click, Click

I'm a bit annoyed because I can't figure how to post my pictures where I want them. I'm usually pretty bright when it comes to this stuff, but right now I'm not figuring it out. So bear with me and in the next few days, I hope to have the layout the way I'm envisioning it.

Anyway, last night after Denny went to bed, I sat in the sunroom and poured myself a big glass of wine. Of course my camera was laying around since I spend half my days taking pictures of the kids. Well Grace got a hold of it and here is her first official picture.

Not too bad. Once she figured it out, she spent the next 2 hours taking pictures. (I'm not exaggerating either; my batteries were out of juice this morning.) I am still seeing spots from the flash. Now I know how the poor kids feel.

Today was a good day. We had another Keeler family first. Bob's brother Timmy called and said that him and Kelly were going to take Kelly's son to Chuck E Cheese. It was a rainy day here, so that sounded like a good way to spend the day. Grace went on a few rides while Denny walked around staring at everyone's food. Then the adults got in on the fun and played a ton of games of Skee ball. LOVED IT! We ended up with almost 700 tickets, so the kids walked away with a baseball mitt and ball, a slinky, some Bling, Bling (pink ring) and a koush ball. More junk to fill the house with.
When the big mouse himself made an appearance, Grace about ran for the door. I guess there's something spooky about a six-foot-tall rodent that not all kids like.

So now it's Sunday evening and I'm getting the blues because Monday mornings are always the worst. I miss Bob, Grace and Denny miss Daddy, and it feels like an eternity until Friday comes. But being the optimist that I am, I see than silver lining and I know Friday will be here before we know it.


The Whole Self said...

hey girl! love the blog, love seeing your face, along with the kiddies. we feel the same way monday mornings around's takes us a couple of hours to get back into the swing of gilbert-things. off to the library! :)

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