Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is the tree that Bob and I planted in memory of my Dad. It's a cranberry tree and is my favorite out of all the plants/flowers in our yard. When we first planted it, it was just a little thing. Now it is so full and beautiful, although this picture doesn't do it justice.

These purple flowers are another favorite of mine. We planted them the first year we moved in, but I don't remember what they are. Grace is fascinated by them and makes sure to smell them at lest 20 times whenever we are outside.

Last night was a pretty chill night for us. Dannie ended up not coming to Cleveland, so Bob and I hung out in the sunroom, listened to the Indians game and drank some Natty Lights. No, we aren't dirt poor, we just love the taste of Natty. It's a Keeler thing passed down from Bob's dad. It's his dad's favorite beer and now all of his kids drink it. I jumped on the band wagon and am enjoying the ride.
Speaking of Bob's dad, him and Donna are coming to visit next weekend from Florida. We haven't seen them since last August when we went to Daytona. We're all sooooo excited to spend a few days with them and their doggy Precious. Believe me, a lot of Natty will be had in those few days. We always have a good time on their visits.
Tonight I am going to try to find a baby sitter and go see a movie. I've been dyeing to see the Break Up since it came out last weekend.

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