Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Humps

Happy Hump Day All!
First off, I got my hair cut Monday night from Tracy. She rocked the cut! With her swollen fingers,ankles, and feet, she managed to give me the best cut ever! I was her last client of the night, and the woman was running around with me and our kids all day, then was on her feet at work for 5 hours when I came into the salon. Super Woman, she deserves some props. Only 5 more weeks until baby Mia arrives. I can't wait to meet her.
Also a shout out to Johnny Papp who turned 37 yesterday. I know it was 6/6/06, but I think he ignored everyones advice to not leave the house. Superstitions aside, he spent the evening at Flyers with some friends and hopefully had a fun night.
I spent my Tuesday doing nothing special at all. I went to the gym in the morning. Grace and Denny love going to the day care there, so Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually bring them with me so they could spend an hour playing with other kids and other toys.
In the afternoon, we went to Target (surprise, surprise.) These pictures are of us on our way there. Denny has been in the front facing seat for a couple weeks now, but I carck up every time I look at him in it. He looks like such a little peanut next to Gracie.
Tuesday night Bob had a softball game, so we went and watched him and Uncle Timmy play.

Today my goal is to not leave the house. Nice goal I know. When Grace and Denny take their afternoon nap, I'm going to sit outside in beautiful silence and read. I went to the library last week and got two books from Truman Capote, "Other Voices, Other Rooms," and "Summer Crossing." I've never read any of his stuff but I've heard nothing but good things.
None of my friends here in C-town are in to reading and it kind of bums me out. When we were living in H2O town and I was working at the Women's Center, I had so many people to exchange books with. Nina, you always gave me goodies. "The Red Tent" is the one I rememebr most. That was an amazing read. And Jen Mehling got me hooked on the Oprah's Book Club books. I've read about 90% of the books on that list.
So if anyone has read anything good lately, let me know.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm a Target girl myself as well, but I have to drive an hour to get to one. It is well worth the trip though. I can't wait for the front facing carseat, Seth is a looker and he will love being able to look at me as well as out the window more!