Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Dad's Day

For me, today is a day of remembrance. I miss my Dad every single day, but day's like today are always a bit tougher. I have so many happy memories with my dad, and that is what I will spend a lot of today doing; thinking about the time I did get to spend with him. I only wish that he was here to see my babies born. Naming our son after my dad is the least I could do for a man who has done so much for me.
Today isn't going to be a sad day. Just the opposite. We are having Bob's Dad and Donna over, along with his sister Becky and her man Pete. I can't remember the last time Bob was able to spend father's day with his Dad.
Most of all, I want today to be as special as can be for Bob. He is such an amazing father and he deserves to be recognized for it. I never tire of watching him with Grace and Denny. It still makes my heart warm and my tummy tingle when I see him with them. And the way they both light up when they see their Daddy, it's priceless.
I feel so blessed having him as my husband and father to my children. Thank you Bob for creating such a beautiful life for our babies, and for making it all looks so darn easy. Happy Father's Day.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

You made me cry! what wonderful and touching words. Give Bob and great big hug for us and ENJOY your day with your family. You all deserve it!