Tuesday, June 13, 2006


When Grace was 6-months-old, she latched on to a stuffed animal monkey, later to become known as "Monkey." Everything Grace did, Monkey did. We could not leave the house without this thing, and we wouldn't dare lay Grace down to sleep without him.
2 years later, Monkey is still a big part of her life, of our lives. Whenever we go somewhere, Bob and I are on "Monkey watch," making sure Grace doesn't lose him. I can't tell you how many times we've been out and people have chased us down to return Monkey to us, after Grace either dropped him or threw him down. Those strangers hold a special place in my heart, because without Monkey, I don't thing Grace could survive.
Last year, my Mom found the same stuffed animal monkey at a store in Canada. She bought it for "back-up," and gave it to Grace for Christmas. At first, Grace wanted nothing to do with the new one. In the last couple of months, however, she has brought this new one into her life and named him "Dadda Monkey." #1 monkey has since become known as "Mamma Monkey." Well wouldn't you know it, Momma and Dadda reproduced, and we now have "Baby Monkey." Aunt Becky and Uncle Pete gave Grace a little stuffed Curious George, and he is now "Baby." All 3 now have to come with us wherever we go (although Momma Monkey is still graces favorite.)
I pray every night that Mamma Monkey doesn't bust a seem, but I know it's inevitable. The poor thing has been through a lot, (including the washer about 20 times.) So today I share with you a photo of our monkey family and snapshots of Mamma monkeys journeys. She's soaked up the sun in Daytona Beach, and has even spent a few nights in the hospital with Grace, taking every I.V. and dose of meds with Grace. What a good friend and not too bad of a life for a monkey.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Tell Grace that I had a teddy for years and years until he completely fell apart. Then when Ro and I got together he bought me a new teddy and he now goes everywhere with us and I'm 28 years old!

Jennifer Lynn said...

The Keeler's are more then welcome to come to H2O-town anytime you would like to visit too!

Kara said...

We have "Lamby" at our house! Chloe has had a lamb since she was a baby and it is the same situation as yours. Except, we did lose Lamby 2 years ago and could only find a miniture one. She will be 6 on Sunday and STILL sleeps and cuddles with lil lamby and still takjs about old lamby. We had a photo of old lamby and Tom had to laminate it so nothing would ever happen to the pic. Janey has "Dolly" that she has had since she was born and Nolan has "blue guy" that he has attached himself to. So now I watch out for "6" children at our house so I always know of their whereabouts! I love your family blog and I am thinking of doing our own!