Monday, June 12, 2006

Super Troopers Hit the Carnival

Stinkin' colds can't keep the Keeler's from enjoying a Sunday afternoon. When we found out that Padua was hosting a carnival, and Sunday was the last day, we had to go. The first big carnival of the Summer, we didn't want the kids to miss. Denny didn't get very involved, he's still to young to know what's going on, but of course he ate like a king and kept a close eye on his big sis as she explored the "Kids Korner." Grace played the duck pond game, picked the pink duck (of course) and won herself a bracelet. I remember playing that game when I was a little, so it was priceless watching my little girl play.
Then we headed to the face painting tent and Grace choose a heart. She handed the lady her 2 tickets and sat patiently while her new "tattoo" was being applied.
It was a great day, I just hope my little man gets better soon.


The Whole Self said...

amanda, your "i love bob" shirt frickin' rocks...i've got to get myself some "i love john" lovins. glad to hear that you guys are all feeling well enough to party at the carnival!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Didn't even notice the t-shirt, now I do, LOVE IT! You are like the perfect little family with all of your outtings. I can't wait until Seth is old enough to do this stuff!