Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not Again

This is my house right now. It's 1:30 pm and everyone is sleeping, and has been pretty much all day. Grace and Denny have been sick again this week, spending their nights throwing up and their days sleeping. Bob spent all of last night with his head in the toilet, and he had to leave work today to recuperate.
My poor familia. Whatever this darn bug is, it won't leave us alone. I'm like a crazy woman, disinfecting everything in sight. Knock on wood...I don't know how I haven't caught this thing yet. It better leave me alone though, we need at least one healthy person around here.

We did get out for a bit last night because it seemed like everyone was getting better. We went up to Outback for dinner with Bob's mom. Tim works there so we went to see him and have some yummy eats. Thanks again for dinner mom! Joe, we missed you!
I meant to take my camera so I could post a pic, but I forgot. I'm not too on the ball much lately.
One more day till the weekend. I hope everyone is feeling back to normal so we could have some FUN!


Jennifer Lynn said...

Being sick stinks and you can check my blog, I'm back and it explains my crazy week!

Mehling's Memories said...

Hope everyone is getting better! Take care.

The Whole Self said...

so sorry for the sickies!