Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sniffely, Sick Sunday

I woke up this morning to a house full of sick people. Grace has been fighting a cold for the past couple days, now Denny and Bob have it bad. Looks like Dr. Mom is going to be on duty.
Yesterday was all business at the Keeler's. We spent the day finishing up house projects that we started long ago. Bob installed a new side door and I painted the trim in the sunroom. Our list is still long, but at least we made a dent in it.

There was one funny from yesterday though. We introduced Grace to the woopie cushion. Watching a pretty little 2-year-old sitting on it and then screaming, "I FARTED! IT WAS A BIG ONE," over, and over again. All the while she was laughing hysterically. She must have been doing that for an hour and I couldn't get enough of it. My video camera was out of juice so I didn't get it on tape. I know she'll do it again, so I have the camera charging.
After the kids went to bed, Bob cooked me dinner. He grilled a delicious peppercorn filet and fresh corn on the cob. It was SO good I'm still thinking about it. My man can cook!
After that we sat outside to check out the "strawberry moon." All the news stations were talking about this strawberry moon that would be out Saturday night. We saw it, but it looked like any other moon. Around midnight, our neighbors started blowing off fireworks. I'm not talking about bottle rockets either, these were big, loud ass ones that had the potential of waking up every baby in a 5 block radius. Thankfully, our minnie me's slept through it. I'm not dissin' our neighbors. They moved in about a year ago and they couldn't be any nicer of people. We hang out with them all the time. But come on, you don't pull that shit at midnight in suburbia. This is their first house and they are young, 22 & 23, so I can let it slide.
Better go now and take care of my boys.


Jennifer Lynn said...

You go Dr. Mom. Roland got sick when Seth was like 2 months old and I freaked. As far as your neighbors, they can't be as bad as ours. We have had poop wars with them about their dog shitting in our yard. They ended up calling the cops because I picked up the poop in a baggy and put it on their front steps. Needless to say we don't speak anymore!

amanda kathryn said...

You put a bag of poop on their steps. You are awesome! You should have set the bag of crap on fire.

The Whole Self said...

your porch looks so great! hope everyone's feelin' better...sending you good vibes to get your through the monday morning poopies!