Sunday, July 30, 2006

Friday Night Poker, Saturday in the Sun

Sunday is here! I'm sitting at the computer with my first cup of coffee, still picking sleepy sand from my eyes. What time is it? Almost 1pm! I may finally be caught up on my sleep. Thank you Bob and thank you babies for being quiet this morning/afternoon and letting me snooze. ( I was up from 5-6am, trying to get Grace to stay in her bed, but that doesn't bother me anymore, since I was able to go back to bed.) I may actually be able to function today like a normal human being and not be a crabby b- all day.
This weekend has been fabulous so far, and we still have today left. It's one of those rare weekends that don't fly by.
Friday night we ended up playing Texas Hold 'Em. We had about 10 people over, and it was such a good, cool group of people, that I was in my glory. The perfect mix of family and friends, and I am one happy mama.

The babies are up, so I'll have to finish this later.

Saturday first thing when I woke up, I bought some tix to the Dave Chappelle show. It's on Sunday, august 20th, and we're going with Steve and Jalissa. Love Chappelle, looking forward to the show.
We spent a lot of Saturday afternoon at the Parma Heights pool. Before we went swimming, we stopped at Best Buy and bought a docking station for our ipod. This thing rocks. The speakers are amazing. I was listening to it outside with Grace last night, and it has some power. Sounds so smooth. I love it. Now I'm all excited again about my ipod, and took about 2 hours Saturday night downloading songs and clearing out old ones that I never listen to anymore.
Today we went to the Picture People to get a couple of the mini cut outs of the kids. Here's a couple pictures that we snuck while we were waiting for the photographers to arrive. For some reason it's not letting me upload the picture of grace. I'll try again tomorrow or put her picture on the fotolog.