Friday, July 28, 2006

Much Needed Weekend

Wednesday night, me, Stacia and Jen went over to Tracy and Mike's to visit them and Mia. Here's a picture of Tracy, Mia (2 weeks old) and Madison, who just turned 5.

Bob made it home after countless flight cancellations and delays. He was supposed to arrive in Cleveland at 9 last night. Instead, he arrived in Akron at 2am, then made it home around 3am. Poor guy, there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport for 10 hours, watching the departure screen flash canceled flight over and over again. And to make things worse, he had to go into work today at 7.

So I am so happy that the weekend is here. Tonight we are supposed to play poker with our neighbors. Depending on how tired we are, we may have to postpone it until Saturday night. Who knows, it's too early to make the
call. I am on serious lack of sleep as well. Grace is back to climbing into bed each night with us. So the past few nights, I've spent the hours of 2am until 3 or 4am, going downstairs and putting her back into bed. Repeating the process until she finally falls asleep. I actually don't mind having her in bed with us, especially when Bob is out of town, but I know I can't create the habit of her sleeping with us every night.

I was reading the Friday magazine today and was thrilled to see that Dave Chapelle is going to be here next month. Tix go on sale tomorrow morning and I'm definitely getting in on that. I love going to comedy shows, and Chapelle is hilarious!

I know I have this picture of G & D up on the fotolog, but it's such a sweet one I had to put it on here as well. The one on the right is from January, when Denny still had his gummy smile.

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm glad your hubby is home. I can't imagine doing it alone with Seth and you have two. Enjoy the weekend with your fam and get some rest.

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