Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun @ Chunk E' Cheese

The party at Kiddie Park tonight got moved over to Chunk E' Cheese because of the rain. We were a little bummed because we were looking forward to the kids going there. But I guess there is still a lot of summer left to explore good old Kiddie Park. Tonight was nice though because the place wasn't jam packed. It was only my second time there, but last time it was a rainy, Sunday afternoon, and there were so many kids at the mouse's house, I almost keeled over. Tonight was much more chill, and Grace and Denny had so much fun. Laughter filled me and Bob's ears for almost 3 hours. You can't beat that. Happy babies make happy parents. Grace spent most of the time with our neighbor Katie, who is 7. We call her the mother hen because she is so good with Grace, and the two girls love each other so much.
Denny was a wild man, running around with the biggest grin I've ever seen. He was so into the whole thing, which kinda surprised me.
The only thing that stunk was the gift that we bought Tyler (a Spider man stunt kit; very cool,) someone else had gotten him. And he opened ours second. The first time he opened it he was excited; the second time, not so much so.
Oh, one more thing.... Baby Mia alert....
Tracy is going into the hospital at 3 am tonight to be induced. The Dr. is breaking her water at 7. So Mia should be with us sometime in the morning. I placed my bet for 9:30 am. This is Tray's 3rd baby, so she should come right out. Everyone keep her in your thoughts for a quick, painless (impossible, I know) labor, and a healthy baby girl!
I should have some pics of the new girl up tomorrow or Friday.


The Whole Self said...

that little blondie's blue smile is priceless.

Anonymous said...

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