Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Fabulous Flowers

Here they are, our last 2 flowers have bloomed for the summer. Now everything is in bloom and looking pretty, pretty, pretty!

I said I was going to try to have a productive week, and have been doing an okay job at meeting that goal. (Productive as defined when you have a 1 and 2-year-old at home.)
Yesterday I went to Target, which has been on my list for awhile. I also went to Toys R Us with Grace last night to get a birthday present for our neighbor Tyler, who turns 5 tomorrow. After that, Grace and I went to visit my mom at work. I came home and did some yoga and crunches, then made my "to do" list for today. I went to bed by 10:30 and finally got a good night sleep.

Today I finished putting all of my clothes into our new dressers (which arrived almost 3 weeks ago.) I made it to the gym this morning then to the post office (to send Nina something special.) I'm in the middle of doing 5 loads of laundry right now and hope to get outside to do some yard work. Although it is so hot/humid outside, I might have to put that off for a later date.
Bob has a softball game tonight at 8, and as long as Denny is in a good mood, I'm going to try to go to the game.

Tomorrow evening the kids are invited to a b/day party at Kiddie Park. For those of you not from around here, Kiddie Park is an amusement park just for the little ones. The place has been around forever, I used to go there as a kid, as did my parents I'm pretty sure. So I'm looking forward to taking Grace and Denny there (this will be there first time.) Hopefully I'll have some good pictures and/or video to post on Thursday.


Jennifer Lynn said...

To comment on a previous post, please explain what cornhole is??

Also, you are amazing, what you can accomplish with a 1 and 2 year old at home is a testament. Please tell me it gets easier as they can walk and such because getting things done at this point is a stress!!!

Anonymous said...

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