Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mail Time

Orange Juice arrived from Nina, and I must say, it's the prettiest pin I've ever seen. I wore it all day until a little 2-year-old snatched it from me. Here's a shot of my girl showing her OJ love. Thanks Nina, and I'll get something out to you in the next few days.

We've been crazy busy, and I'm still recuperating from July 4th, which is why I haven't posted in awhile. We had our annual July 4th bash, and let me tell you, it was good stuff. The fireworks were great, and our neighbors had a huge display that they set off as well. Grace LOVED the show. Denny slept through the entire thing, but next year he'll be ready to celebrate.
I stayed up too late yet again, about 3:30am, but I was having too much fun to worry about the misery I'd be feeling the next day. Which is why, 2 days later, I'm still a hurting unit.

I have to give a shout out to Correne and Scott who threw an awesome bachelor/bachelorette party last Saturday. Thanks guys, we had a blast. Here's a pic of the happy couple. They are too cute.

I hope everyone had a happy and fun filled Independence Day.

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