Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Miss List

Besides the obvious 6pm relief from the kids, here's what I miss when BK is away:
  • Grace & Denny's smiles & laughter when daddy pulls into the driveway from work.
  • Grace & Denny racing each other to get to Bob first when he walks into the house.
  • Hugs & kisses all around.
  • Debriefing about our days.
  • Making plans with the kids for the rest of the evening.
  • Finishing those plans, then putting the kids to bed, and enjoying the silence for a bit before we go to sleep.
  • Talking about the weekend.
  • Talking about Grace and Denny.
  • Sneaking peaks in their rooms so we can watch them sleep, and we always stare in amazement at how big they are getting (sometimes we get busted doing this, and that's never a good thing.)
  • Laying in bed talking about the next night, when we swear we are going to go to bed as soon as Grace & Denny do, b/c we are so damn tired.

Happy Hump Day!

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Jennifer Lynn said...

6pm must be the magical hour because that is when Ro graces us with his presence and we feel the same way. Big smiles all around. I don't know about you , but this hot amd muggy weather is wearing me down. I don't mind the hot, the sticky is awful! I shouldn't wish it away because snow is far worse, but...