Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fun For All

The babies were picked up at 10 this morning. Grandma Debbie and Papa Joe had a big day planned at the zoo. Grace is at the age now where she anticipates things, and when she is excited about something, that's all she talks about. Before they were picked up this morning and I told Grace about the plan for the day, she gasped and smiled. Then for the next 2 hours before her and Denny left, she was running around the house, dancing and screaming about how she couldn't wait to go. Quite cute and funny.
They came home around 3:30. Everyone looked like they had a great time, and also looked exhausted. Grace's Zoo souvenir was a pink flamingo hat, and Denny's was this kangaroo hat.

While the babies were away, I went to Southpark mall and did some shopping. I had big plans on spending mucho dinero and filling up my closet with some much needed new clothes. 3 hours in the mall and I bought: a bottle of Ralph Lauren, Blue (thanks Beckie for introducing me to this goodness) and a black skirt from Express. That's all folks.
I went into a ton of stores, but couldn't find anything I liked. I've never really been a big fan of shopping though. I know most girls LOVE to shop, but for me, it's more like work. I thought today would be different, only because I haven't gone shopping (by myself) for such a long time. It wasn't. But, I still enjoyed having time. Time, sweet time.
Thank you Debbie and Joe sooooo much for taking G&D.
When I arrived home, there was a big box from UPS outside my door. Yeah baby! We ordered some cornhole bags from ebay last week. Beautiful, colorful, new bags..... Ready to be broken in at our cornhole tournament on the 26th.

Happy Hump Day!


The Whole Self said...

glad you got some alone time!

every time you write about "cornhole" i chuckle because that's what we call our bums at our house!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Tomorrow is my alone time day and I"m getting a pedicure with a friend and lunch in Sackets. Alone time is precious, but it is also fun when they come home! Don't you hate when you are pumped to shop and can't find anything AHH!

Anonymous said...

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