Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

We had another awesome weekend. I love summer, there's always so much going on.
Friday we went to a Japanese Habachi restaurant, Shinto's, for our friend Jessica's 30th b/day. 20 people attended dinner, so the show was on. Bob and Tracy both got behind the grill to try to slice an egg in the air with a spatula, like our waiter Shang did. Neither succeeded, but were great sports for trying. The dinner itself was to die for. I had filet and lobster, Bob had filet and scallops.
When we all finished gorging, we toasted Jessica's birthday with a sake bomb. After Shinto's, everyone went to the Blue Moose for a couple of drinks. Fun Friday night.

Saturday we spent the day outside in the back yard. The kids played for hours in the pool, while Bob did yard work and my lazy ass soaked up some sun. It was a pretty relaxing, enjoyable day. After Denny went to bed, Grace went next door and played with Katie and Tyler. Our other neighbors, Steve and Jalissa were having a party, so Bob and I went over there. We sat outside next to the fire and chatted with everyone for a coule hours. Later in the night we got the cornhole going, and I won 3 games in a row!
Sunday was my sleep in day, and I slept until 12:30. I'm almost embarrassed to write that, but I was playing catch up. It felt great and the kids were good for Bob, so no worries here. We spent the afternoon outside again, and in the evening we went to the Browns training camp.
That's it in a nut shell.

Today wasn't too bad for a Monday. I got some stuff done around the house, went to the gym, did some Target shopping, and played outside. I just put Denny down for the night, and Grace is downstairs with me as I write this.

Last night I started watching "V for Vendetta," and plan on finishing it tonight. So far I love it, so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. (Maybe I should finish watching it before I say that.)


Jennifer Lynn said...

You are the busiest parents I know, what a tribute!! Sounds like an amazing weekend. We LOVE hibatchi restaurants, there is one in Syracuse and we go like 6 times a year. We are actually going 9/15/06!! Can't wait!

The Whole Self said...

you guys have such a fun, love-filled life. i love reading about it and experiencing it alongside you!

Anonymous said...

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